In the tradition of Ernest Hemingway, on a warm summer night at the cottage, these brief stories came pouring out. (2014)

1. She sleeps while he dresses quietly.

2. Triumphantly she admires her conquered kingdom.

3. The experiment failed one last time.

4. He pulled the implant with finality.

5. She smiled enigmatically while he painted.

 6. Abortion was not an acceptable option.

7. She realised she was not alone.

8. She realised she was now alone.

9. His final words were: "I win."

10. Something slimy lurks in the dark.

11. He returns from school crying, again.

12. The gunman enters the school grinning.

13. That last cannonball ended the battle.

14. Works constantly. She cries. They part.

15. The father hits his bully son.

16. Two girls in love. One boy.

17. Knight rescues damsel. Dragonmeat for dinner.

18. By Presidential decree - free speech disallowed.

19. Wanted: CEO. Leave morals at door.

20. Waits till retirement. Dies within days.

21. Diagnosis cancer. Prognosis better with family.

22. Ménage à trois. Crime of passion.

23. "Leave our country, you're not welcome."

24. She was raped. It was wartime.

25. He cheated. He lost it all.

26. Four laps. Four minutes. Barrier smashed.

27. Plaintiff lost. Defendant lost.  Lawyers won.

28. She forgets. Her family reminds her.

29. "Mr. President, surrender now. You lost."

30. Dawn. Savior of humans. Vampire hell.

31. Water flows. Water stops. War erupts.

32. One bite. Die now. Live forever. 

33. Wasted land. Profit made. People pay.

34. Race starts. Falls. End of dream.

35. Ouch! A bee. Forgot my epipen.

36. Corruption. Front page. Corporate sponsors. Fired.

37. "He's only a child!" "Perfect soldier."

38. Died. Frozen. Thawed. Cloned. Resurrected. Died.

39. His story, history in the making.

40. One needle. One arm. Wasted life.

41. Needle. Ecstasy. Endless spiral. Twelve steps.

42. Lottery winner - riches to rags story.

43. For adoption: baby girl. Has AIDS.

44. Son of a god, seeking psychologist.

45. Temper tantrum. Parents leave. Child abducted.

46. Survived the day to die tomorrow.

47. Man struggles to survive; finds purpose.

48. Imminent threat; leave your spouse behind.

49. Revenge burned inside him. She burned.

50. Revenge was sweet. Comeuppance was sweeter.

51. New baby. Ten toes. Nine fingers.

52. Canoe trip. Rough weather. Empty canoe.

53. New gadget. Connect. Lose your individuality.

54. Entrepreneurship. Corporate greed. Free falling stocks.

55. Compete to survive. Collaborate to thrive.

56. Big bang. The rest is history.

57. Pharaoh dies. Mummy lives. Archaeologist dies.

58. She fell. Tender hand reached out.

59. Demonic couch. Take a nap - forever.

60. Coal ruled. Oil ruled. Green rules.

Copyright 2014-2016 Norman Marcotte